Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting political

I never wanted to get into politics. Well, this is not about politics anymore. This is about humanity. I have nothing but hatred for the arrogance of Israel and the Bush administration. The people of Lebanon are suffering by the hundreds of thousands and nobody is saying "Stop!" Children, old people, civilians. Israel continues to rape Southern Lebanon, and we sit and watch. The sad reality of all this is that people are powerless and governments are powerful. Why is there not an immediate system that would allow the people of America to speak out their voice and create an immediate result? When people can immediately vote for the next American Idol, this tells me the technology is available to allow us to vote on major world issues like this.

I heard a funny saying recently. "Circus and Bread". If you keep the people fed and entertained, they will not question your government. This is a saying that comes from Roman times. Oh how relevent it is today. Pop culture has blinded the masses into complacency.

Jews and Arabs have to learn to hold hands and work together to solve this problem. America has become useless. The Bush administration is not a partnet in peace. It's a partner in war. It's an extremist regime. Just like Bush failed all the companies of the past as a CEO, he has failed our nation and the world as a careless arrogant brat.

Okay, enough about this. The more I try to not get political, the more I find myself feeling ashamed and worried that we have two more years of this idiot in the White House. Somebody find a president with a heart next time please.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


You sit and watch Israel exert its power to wipe out Southern Lebanon, and the US blindly green lights every move... it makes me angry. How can the US let this happen? Geroge Bush and his evil cronies will go down in history as the single worst administration to rule America. I'm very ashamed. We have a monkey in the white house and a bunch of arrogant corrupt suits. What has America come to? There was a time when America was the good guy. It's such a shame. Truly.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scouting for Captain Abu Raed

I feel bad writing about my movie when there are so many terrible things going on. Lebanon is being destroyed and there's nothing much I can do but read e-mails from people listening to rockets flying over their heads and blowing up in their neighborhoods. God help them and end this mess. All I can say is that I hope through the power of movies I can get the world to understand that we are all the same in the end, and Arabs are human beings just the same. The world can't sit there and allow this to happen.

Politics aside, because I am completely uninterested in politics, I want to tell you about our progress with Captain Abu Raed. My producer Ken Kokin and Cinematographer Ray Peschke came to Jordan for eight days and we spent the time scouting our locations and building our crew. We had an incredible time and they loved Jordan. We made some time to go see Wadi Rum and Aqaba where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. We slept in the desert for one night. It was amazing. What's most exciting to me is how in love with Jordan they are. They embraced this country and fell in love with the culture. We are all very excited and anxcious to make this movie, but we are not rushing anything just yet as we are waiting for a few more pieces of the puzzle to fall into the right place.

Everyone who's read the script has fallen in love with it. We have some wonderful people backing the film up financially, and it will be just a matter of time before audiences will see Captain Abu Raed on the big screen. That's all for now. Keep tuned for more news.