Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Peace in the Middle East

So here's what I think needs to be done for a future of peace in the Middle East. Children have to grow up without hate and fear passed down to them by certain angry parents and organizations. I'm not talking about the upper or middle class of society. I'm talking about the masses. In reaction to my last post, an anonymous person went on an angry rant that just seeped with hatred. More than annoying, it was sad. There are some people who teach their children to hate. Instead of focusing their children on their own future, they teach them to dwell in the past and grow up full of negative energy. That's a problem. A big problem. They learn to express themselves through anger. You can't have dialogue with people like that.

In his last days, my idol, composer Michael Kamen, told me about his symphony, The Ode to Peace, that he was writing. In it, he wanted to have Israeli and Palestinian children singing together about forgiveness, both in Arabic and Hebrew. It breaks my heart that he never got to finish writing it. He passed away in Nov. 2003. If we can learn to forgive and stops being hostile, we can teach our children to look forward to a bright future instead of living in the past. We can have a Palestine where Arabs can live in peace next to Israelis. When will the hate stop? The viscious circle will continue to dwell and more people will die. There will be no victorious side. Just more victims of the conflict. I guess what I'm saying is that hate will breed more hate. Nothing good will come out of that.

I also posted a blog about role models in the Middle East. Children need positive role models. They need people who they can look up to. They need to aspire and actually reach for their life goals. They need to see hope ahead. Hatred is blinding. Hatred and hope don't go hand in hand. Very simple. Very simple. Very simple.


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