Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Donations for Our AFI Thesis Film

We're preparing to make our grand opus, our AFI thesis film, a dark comedy about a guy who's trying to kill his boss in a coffee shop... only to find out that his boss is the devil... disguised as a Samurai.

I wrote and rewrote the hell out of the script and progressively arrived at something that I think will be very entertaining, unique, and off-beat. Something delicious and unusual. Very stylized and operatic. It's a big short movie with quirky subversive comedy and surreal production design. So we need your help in raising donations for the movie. Any US donations are tax deductible.

Please contact me directily if you or someone you know would like to chip in. We have to raise $50,000 and will be shooting in January. My e-mail address is amatalqa@mac.com

The web site for the movie is
  • www.Morning-Latte.com

  • Thanks you for your support,


    Blogger Amer said...

    The story seems very interesting :D
    Can't wait to see it [yeah right :D
    Maybe 2 years later, bashtaree min 3ala bas6a bi Lera wu Nuss :P]

    10:11 AM  

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