Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Going International and Toronto feedback

Now that it's public news... Captain Abu Raed is officially going international.

"Fortissimo Flies with Captain"

We'll keep you posted on more news as Captain Abu Raed lands in a country near you.

In the meantime, here's the amazing feedback we got from the 1000 person screening in Toronto, Canada on Sunday:

According to Jane Schoettle, INternational programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival programmer:

"...the film recieved the HIGHEST EVER approval rating from our audience. The audience loved seeing a film from Jordan and the entire experience, and many were profoundly moved by the film. This is a tough, smart crowd, hard to win over--but CAPTAIN ABU RAED did it!"

In addition, here were specific comments that they sent back to us from audience members:

How exciting to see a film that shows so many different sides of a country unfamiliar to us.

Excellent film. Wonderful Film.

Great film, brilliant acting, beautifully shot.

Wonderful film. Great cinematography, lovely music. (I should have recognized John Williams but didn’t expect him as the composer). Great acting all around. Balanced overview of Jordanian classes & society,

This was a beautiful film – it certainly didn’t end the way I expected from how it began. In a way, it was two films within one –but without the relationship he develops with the children, it would not have been able to give the same impact for the second half. I’m SO glad I was able to see this film!

This film had everything – touching story, beautiful cinematography, great score – what real cinema is all about.

I enjoyed every second of this film. I could watch it again - straight away. And what wonderful surprised at the end with the Jordanian guests. Added to the magic of the film experience.

This was just a fantastic and beautiful Film. Breathtaking – the scenery, the simplicity and the emotionality. I’m speechless and heartbroken. Bravo.

I love seeing a film that was by a Jordanian filmed in Amman and with Jordanian actors. We really need to see more of this – for us or to enlarge our perspective, our viewing eyes. Something that comes from within - not something that looks at from without (ie. North American). I loved the children in this film! I also loved the camera work – the respect it gave the characters and the character of the city – beautiful.

Wonderful development of characters. Visually interesting.

Extraordinary film! Subtle, humanistic, psychologically sounds and realistic; a fine touching story, beautifully acted with many subtle cinematic touches – very authentic and convincing – the best film of the season!!

Wonderful film, beautiful acting.

Enjoyed all aspects of the film, beautiful, poignant, revealing – loved the actors.

Rena Suftan as Nour gives a wonderful performance.

An arresting film offering a dismal perspective on Jordanian fatherhood and its outcomes.

Very polished film. Central character father figure, who successfully grounded plot. Relationship with kids did feel reminiscent of Truffault understated kids’ performances were credible and moving. Altogether an emotionally real experience that could be situated in Europe in an immigrant community or in Middle East. Ending a little to pat but still, terrific film. Pace, music and acting so wonderful. Kudos to director.

Outstanding, moving, profound.

Nice to see a film from a country that I’ve never seen before. Interesting to see into Jordanian culture.

Great acting. Wonderful photography and music.

What a wonderful, heart-warming story. Beautiful cinematography! Children were amazing – social/real-life situations. Bravo! Great choice!

Amazing and moving. Perfect for the 100th anniversary (almost, less a day) of International Women’s Day.


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