Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Captain Abu Raed - Newport Beach & San Francisco

For those of you in Southern and Northern California, we are excited to share Captain Abu Raed with you at the following events:

May 1st - Newport Beach Film Festival - Captain Abu Raed is the Closing night film.
CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for the Film and the Gala.

May 8th - San Francisco - Arab Film Festival Special Benefit Event
CLICK HERE to Purchase tickets and for more info.

Also upcoming:
Mid-May, if you are in CANNES, look for special screenings of Captain Abu Raed at the CANNES FILM MARKET.

June 2nd and 4th - SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. More details to come in a future post.

June 7th and 8th - NEW YORK - Sundance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

I will be present at all of the above.


Blogger Sara said...


when will captain abu raed come back to Dubai ?

1:11 AM  
Blogger Amin Matalqa said...

It should be out in the rest of the Middle East at the end of June. I've been told June 26, but I will announce as soon as I have confirmation. Thank you for asking.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i watched "Captain Abu Raed" last Thursday in San Francisco. I must say you made me an ever so proud Arab woman
. That was a brilliant piece of work.The cinematography was to die for, the lighting, the music. We felt every step Abu Raed took up those steps, the breeze and the view from his rooftop took our breath away. It was a full experience. every trinkit in his home made it more and more real.. you left no details to fate. THAT is good directing.Your story, is a real story of a real taboo issue in our world, especially. We can never have enough stories of pain, courage and love. Especially when they are so well written,well executed and are well felt. I wish you the greatest success... a talent like yours should be encouraged and supported. Bless you my dear and may you never stop creating such beautiful work. I do wish you'd stick to our issues though, we have so much to deal with and it's time we do so through the eyes of talented artists such as yourself. Looking forward to seeing it again and again and I have friends who are waiting to see it in kuwait and dubai any chance you'll show it there?? Haya

2:23 PM  

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