Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update of upcoming shows and festivals

-Los Angeles - Arab Film Festival (Oct 24) Opening Film
-Spain - Valladolid International Film Fest (Oct. 24) - Opening Film
-USC School of Cinema - Special Screening (Oct. 25)
-Wichita, Kansas - Tallgrass Film Festival (Oct. 25, 26)
-Hollywood - Variety Screening Series - Archlight on Sunset (Oct. 28)
-Carthage Film Festival (Oct. 25- Nov.1)
-Washington DC International Film Festival (Nov. 1 & 2)
-Palm Desert, California - Nov. 5
-Delaware - Rehoboth Beach Film Festival (Nov 5,6,9)
-Chicago (Mid. Nov, more info soon)
-Greece - Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Nov 14,16)
-Egypt - Cairo International Film Festival (Nov. 17-22)
-Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival (Nov. 27, 28)
-Opening in Los Angeles Nov 7th Laemlle Music Hall in Beverly Hills

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Anonymous zena said...

We are waitnig in Germany....

6:00 AM  

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