Saturday, May 10, 2008

Abu Raed goes to Pixar

Thursday night we had a fantastic screening in San Francisco thanks to the folks at the Arab Film Festival. It was a really enthusiastic crowd of Arabs, Americans, and Arab Americans. One of our missions with this film is to bridge the gap of this cultural divide. It was such a thrill not only to play for 400+ people in San Fran, but also to play at PIXAR the next day. There were Captain Abu Raed posters all over the studio that gave us Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and soon Wall-E, which I am dying to see! Thank you Ryan and Fadi for getting us to screen at Pixar. YAY! I have to say, the energy and the spirit of the creative people there is such an inspiration. It comes across in every one of their films.

Next up, Cannes!


Blogger gilgi said...

dear Amin,

I hope my email finds you well,
I been reading some great reviews about your film, it made me quite happy to learn that I'll have the opportunity to see a jordanian film
and a very good one, according to what I hear.
1st I'd like to congratulate you for the succsses of the above and for the love you get from audiance everywhere.
our company, Nachshon films have been distributing art films in Israel for more than 30 years,
among them films from arab countries like titles by Moufida Talatli & Ferid Boughadir upon which we're very proud.
we see great importance in showing such titles here.
I'm a pediatric oncologist at the main hospital for children in Israel, Everyday I treat Israeli & Palestinian children who suffers from cancer, we are all a one big family.
it is always touching and heart warming to see the togetherness we all share, pitty we do not see it everywhere, we all hope a day will come, and sooner the better.
As cinema ( art films, but not only ) always was my biggest love, I still take an active part in Nachshon films which my mother runs.
my mother will attend the screening of your film in Cannes market next week, she will have the luck to be there ( I'll be at hospital as usual ).
I realy realy hope that she will love your film, and realy hope that you'll aprove a distribution in Israel, It is so important.
I will be more than happy to hear from you,
wishing you & your film all the best
& health above all

Gil Gilad
Nachshon films

1:09 PM  

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