Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Captain Abu Raed wins in South Africa

After winning the Jury and Audience Awards in Traverse City, I woke up to the news that Captain Abu Raed also won BEST FIRST FEATURE in South Africa at the 29th Durban International Film Festival. Here's the LINK

Once again, it is truly an honor to be encouraged by festivals all over the world. From the beginning, our goal was to make a film of the highest international standards to prove that Jordan can have a spot on the map of world cinema.

Next stops:

- New Orleans on August 10
- Pyongyang, North Korea in mid-September
- New Jersey in mid-September
- Vancouver, Canada in late September
- Mill Valley in Northern California in October
- San Francisco in mid-October


Blogger Nas said...

alf alf mabrook!

(and i'm glad to see you're blogging more often these days!)

12:13 AM  

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