Thursday, September 01, 2005

Brotherhood of the fellows

I have a break this afternoon, before going back at 7, so I will take the opportunity to write a couple of things. First, it's been a lot of fun. I am going to my dream school. We're all like one big family of creative minds. Very friendly. Even though we're in each others' faces in school 12 hours a day, we're still gathering outside of class for a drink tonight. It truly is a brotherhood/sisterhood environment. Here it doesn't matter if you are Jewish, Arabic (I'm the only Arab in there), Asian, European, or Black. We're all close friends already, the future of cinema.

As far as what we're doing now...

We've been divided into groups to work on the first film projects. We had to choose ideas for the Cycle 1 films, and the team selected one of my ideas. So now we're divided into little teams of Director, Writer, and Producer. We work on the idea together and form a 15 page script to pitch to the Cinematogrpher, Editor, and Production Desingers. They will then decide which ideas they like best and we form our six person team to prepare for production. Once we go into production, memebers of other teams act as crew on our film and vice versa.

I have a pretty cool producer on my team. He was actually one of the composers on the movie, American Psycho. He's from New York, and very cerebral. Our Screenwriter is from South Africa. He was a journalist and has directed short films of his own. A very pleasant group.

More on all this later...


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