Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Walk the Line - brilliant!

Come November, everyone will be talking about this amazing new film, "Walk the Line", based on the life of legendary musician, Johnny Cash. The film will sweep some Oscars, as Juaqine Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon delivered some amazing performances, and the director, James Mangold (Copland, Kate & Leopold), created a masterpiece. I loved this film!

It was written by our AFI instructor, Gill Dennis, the man who keeps drilling in our head that it's all about story story story. And he's absolutely right. So today Gill and James Mangold got up after this special showing of the film and discussed the process of bringing Johnny Cash's life story to the screen. I'll watch this film again and again as it really communicated Cash's pain, his struggle, and finally redemption, in such a profound way. I felt that "Ray" was a great film, but this one here was better yet. The film never dragged. It took you from Cash's childhood, his struggles with his father, to his family, and final love, June Carter. The man was haunted with guilt. I don't want to give anything away to ruin the movie. I'll just say it now, so that when this movie wins all the Oscars come February, remember you heard it here first.

Walk the Line comes out around the US in November.


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