Friday, April 14, 2006

Visual Design of Captain Abu Raed

Here's a slideshow of the visual concepts with the locations. Pritchard and I spent Friday driving around from Amman to Marka to Salt looking at locations - airport, Abu Raed's neighborhood, and hilltop locations where he tells the kids about his adventures around the world.

Also, the music is by Gabriel Yared, Oscar-winning Lebanese composer.

Here's the link:
  • Visual Slideshow

    Anonymous jameed said...

    Ahali madinat Al Karak request that at least one scene be shot in the their city and they have requested I tell you that I will never be a "combars" in any of your movies if you did not meet their demand.

    wa dumton...

    8:27 PM  
    Anonymous sabri said...

    its looking good!

    11:19 PM  
    Blogger Nader said...

    Best of Luck

    11:38 PM  
    Blogger Linda said...

    Amin I keep on saying this and I know one day it will come true: we cant wait to see you accpet your oscars one day and you better not forget your fellow jordan planet bloggers ;) this is so exciting and i love learning about this project every time i visit your blog. keep up the great work and and keep on shraing your progress on the project!

    12:47 AM  
    Blogger Dar said...

    I dont i gss i missed something here have you mentioned something about who is abu ra2ed ..... like it is a real stroy or what ... ?

    1:24 AM  
    Blogger Fadi said...

    wow! i'm really excited about this movie!
    i wish you all the best..

    2:50 AM  
    Blogger Amin Matalqa said...

    Thank you everyone. We have been working very hard to make this happen, and it feels like a miracle taking place. Everyday something new and exciting happens.
    Dar, Abu Raed is not based on anyone real, but while I was writing his charcter, I often thought of my grandfather, Wahbeh Jabaji.

    4:00 AM  
    Blogger Dar said...

    I am really excited about this , hope u can tell us more about the story , actors ...... when it is ready :)

    6:39 AM  
    Blogger Rambling Hal said...

    oh my god i have to meet you before you get too famous so that I can say I knew you when you were struggling and just starting out! Though I would hardly call any of this struggling! You are being wished the best by all of us you know, and if you need volunteers, helpers, workers, whatevers, let me know, I'm all for working in an industry that might lead me to Colin Farrell!

    ;) And on a serious note: Good luck and be oh so proud of yourself! You are currently 'The Man.'

    8:19 AM  
    Anonymous Amy said...

    hey if you need extras where do you find them, or where do they sign up? Just a question.

    10:32 AM  
    Blogger Tina said...

    i've just watched the location shots....what can i say i've lived near Salt for the past 6 years but its my first time seeing it in such beauty...Amin you are truely an inspiration, miracles do happen. I see one coming.Good Luck

    10:43 AM  

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