Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Ends

Pictures that Laith took from the set of my new AFI cycle film, "Two Ends".

This, for a change, is a romantic drama about lost love returned. I feel this will be, along with Bullseye, my best piece yet. I wanted to show that I can make a drama that'll make the audience feel something. It's funny because here I am a Jordanian guy, but I'm making some of the more Hollywood-style films. Not to worry though, "Captain Abu Raed" will be a very Arabic film with its own unique identity, ye tone that will appeal to international audiences.

In a separate blog, I'll write about my experience working with my amazing teammates. We had a great time making this.

But for now, here's the link to the photos:

  • "Two Ends" Pictures

    Blogger Dar said...

    what is tha AFI cycle film ?

    12:02 PM  

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